Seattle Remodeling Expo

We are making our second appearance at the Seattle Remodeling Expo this weekend at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle.  A couple of thoughts after being at our booth for two days and a few tips if you are planning to come tomorrow:

There was an excellent turnout today on a beautiful, sunny day.  This tells us that lots of people have remodeling on their mind.  There are a wide variety of projects that are either being actively planned or are just in the first stages of conceptualization.  We talked with dozens of couples and families whose projects include:

A three-story addition with garage at main level, and some additional work at the main and upper floors.

A second-story addition for a just-purchased home.

An upper floor remodel, including kitchen and powder room, that will open up all the rooms to beautiful sound views.

A major addition to a brick home that will involve some tricky decisions about exterior cladding for the addition.

A long-considered and definitely due bathroom remodel.

A basement remodel with the possibility of revamping the radiant heating system.

An addition to an older home that has a fabulous deck and fence and will need protection during construction.

Everyone was enthusiastic and friendly, and had lots of great questions. Some will need architects or designers for their projects, and we can make those recommendations.  Some are ready for a first round of pricing on the schematic designs from their architects and designers, which we can also provide.  It was great to talk with everyone who stopped by.

We ran out of fliers for our upcoming remodeling workshop.  It’s Jan. 11 at 1:30–starting just as the Seahawks game begins–but we already have 6 people signed up.  I have this feeling it may fill up before next Saturday.

All of this is coming around to saying that 2014 is looking like another strong year for remodeling.  Homeowners are thinking now about large projects for the summer, and the architects and designers we work with are still very busy at a time when things typically slow down a bit.

Now, for the tips:  If you are planning to visit tomorrow, the Expo is open 11am to 5:30pm.  It tends to be slowest just the Expo opens and in the last hour or two, so if you’d like thinner crowds, try then.  There is convenient parking–just follow signage at the main level of the Convention Center at 7th & Pike.  And if you’d like free tickets, we have them.  Just email us at and we’ll send a printable email that will serve as admission.  See you there!


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